Laminators and coaters

Lamination machines for flexible packaging industry are used to join together different webs creating a single web composed of a multi layer structure. Laminators coat a glue on primary material and laminate secondary material on to it.
A duplex laminator will joins 2 layer of web, a triplex lamination machine will join 3 layers together in 1 pass. Coating machines are used to apply a layer of coated material on to a web (support).
Depending on their construction and the constriction of their coating units, laminator can apply different type of glues.
Typical application for flexible packaging are solventless laminators which employs a 2 component glue. Dry and wet bond laminators use solvent base or water based glues. In flexible packaging industry are also common , so called, combi machines.
These employ an interchangeable trolley system which allows different types of coatings or laminations depending on trolleys available.
Coatings used in packaging industry are various. Cold and hot seal coating are common. Also hot melt and wax coatings are commonly used. Silicon, Pvdc coating, anti mist and many other are employed. Materials which can be coated with a certain machine depends highly on the type of coating unit(s) available, machine's construction and equipment.

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