Technical Services of repositioning machines for flexible packaging materials.


We have long record of repositioning machines for flexible packaging materials.

We can supply mechanical, electronic and process specialists with specific experience in printing and converting or extrusion machines. Working ti support customer along all steps of a machine repositioning, from dismantle to start up at customer's plant.

Please have a look to our "Case History" section to see some examples.


Proper packaging will protect equipment during long haul sea transport and can allow a more efficient use of space inside containers.

We can supply boxes for "out of gauge" items, barrier sack to protect from corrosion and wooden platforms and structure to safely fix items inside containers.


Configuration of some machines may not be fitting exactly your needs as it now.

Thank to our team we can execute necessary modifications to better fit customer's requests and applications.


In our shop we are capable to recondition run-down equipment and turn it into a completely functional reconditioned unit.

Also controls can me modernized installing new digital drive and PLC.

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