Film extrusion lines

Blown film // Film extrusion lines

Blown film

Raw material most commonly used are low density polyethylene (LDPE) and High density polyethylene (HDPE). These are often used in blends with other...

BOPP BOPET // Film extrusion lines


Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) and Biaxially oriented polyester (BOPET) are commonly produced in tender-frame lines. In these lines material...

Cast film // Film extrusion lines

Cast film

Cast film extrusion lines are commonly used to extrude plastic films especially for flexible packaging industry. / In a cast film extruder PE, PP or...

Double and Triple Bubble line // Film extrusion lines

Double and Triple Bubble line

Material is stretched in machine in a transversal direction simultaneously. This processe delivers a molecule orientation in both axes, and this...

Regranulators // Film extrusion lines


Regranulators are used to recycle various type of polymers: PE, PP, PET, PS and others.

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