Printing machines

Flexo CI // Printing machines

Flexo CI

Flexo printers CI (Central Impression) are especially suitable in markets which require process jobs and flexibility (involve productions of small...

Flexo label press // Printing machines

Flexo label press

Flexo presses are used to print on different supports: plastic films, paper and aluminium foil.

Flexo modular // Printing machines

Flexo modular

In Flexo modular presses the printing units are put in line and are all built with separate frames.

Flexo stack // Printing machines

Flexo stack

Flexographic printing machines (often abbreviated as flexo press) perform a printing process which utilizes a flexible relief plate to transfer ink...

Rotogravure // Printing machines


Rotogravure presses allow high and stable print quality. Recent technical improvements also allowed to reduce set up times.

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