Converting machines

Embossing machine // Converting machines

Embossing machine

Embossing machines are used to engrave a desired pattern on a web (for instance paper, aluminium foil or plastic film). Embossers can be classified...

Extrusion lamination // Converting machines

Extrusion lamination

A duplex laminator will joins 2 layer of web, a triplex lamination machine will join 3 layers together in 1 pass. An extrusion coater will only coat...

Laminators and coaters // Converting machines

Laminators and coaters

These employ an interchangeable trolley system which allows different types of coatings or laminations depending on trolleys available.

Metallizers // Converting machines


The process is carried out under high vacuum in a closed chamber, in which several boots located under a process roller are used to evaporate...

Sheeters // Converting machines


Sheeters are used to cut reels of paper (or other material) in to sheets. Synchro machines employ a cutting system with 2 synchronized knives.

Slitter rewinders // Converting machines

Slitter rewinders

Slitter rewinding machines are used to slit a single and wider reel of web into several narrower reels of materials.

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