Converting machines

Cash register roll machines // Converting machines

Cash register roll machines

These slitter rewinders are specifically designed to slit reels of paper in cash register rolls.

Embossing machine // Converting machines

Embossing machine

Embossing machines are used to engrave a desired pattern on a web (for instance paper, aluminium foil or plastic film). Embossers can be classified...

Extrusion lamination // Converting machines

Extrusion lamination

An extrusion laminator extrudes a molten polymer on a primary web and laminates on it a secondary web, creating a single web with a multilayer...

Laminators and coaters // Converting machines

Laminators and coaters

Lamination machines for flexible packaging industry are used to join together different webs creating a single web composed of a multi layer...

Metallizers // Converting machines


The process is carried out under high vacuum in a closed chamber, in which several boots located under a process roller are used to evaporate...

Sheeters // Converting machines


Some sheeters may be capable to cut more layers of web in one passage. Others may be equipped to cut sheets in register with a pre-printed material.

Slitter rewinders // Converting machines

Slitter rewinders

Machines may have different constructions depending on: the type of material, its dimensions and the key performances required.

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