KOMORI CHAMBON 650NL Rotogravure printing machine 6 colors ** SOLD ** Ask more informations about a similar one

Gravure presses are used to print on different supports: plastic films, paper and aluminium foil.

Machine Code RO140
Model 650NL
Year 1996
Number of colors 6
Trolley system Yes
Web width (mm) 650
Print width (mm) 650
Print repeat range (mm) 310-620 mm
Max reel diameter rewinder (mm) 1350
Additional information Machine for cigarette packets Web flow (operator’s view): right to left Max. mechanical speed:180 m/min. Max. production speed: 150 m/min. or 400 revolutions/mn (*) (*) The quality of the substrate; its grammage, its thickness and the shape of blank determine maximum production speed. Substrate :200 to 500 gsm, Board Register accuracy (*) :print to print +/- 0.10 mm Cut to print +/- 0.20 mm (*) All these register specification accuracies are given for 95% of cartons. Electrical specifications:380 V +/- 10%, 3 phases and neutral, 50 Hz +/- 2% Utilities requirements: power installed 290 KVA Compressed air 100 Nm/3-6 bars Chilled water 156 m3Hh – 3/6 bars – 12° to 15° C ROTARY DIE CUTTER Minimum repeat: 500 mm Maximum repeat:1000 mm (by change opf tooling set) Max. web width:650 mm Shingle delivery:Carton length :95 to 620 mm Carton width:140 to 650 mm Number of cartons across 1 to 4* (*) In standard machine configuration rotary die cutter is equipped for 2 cartons across. ONE AUTOMATIC FLYING BUTT SPLICER Min. web width 325 mm Max. reel diameter 1350 mm Manual lateral adjustment +/-30 mm Two spindle turnover reel stand. Web unwinding: printed surface out Automatic splicing without production speed reduction Euipped with 2 pneumatic spindles (12” diameter) ONE WEB CLEANER Including static neutralizing device Two heads for both web sides Dust collector ONE LATERAL WEB GUIDE Web guiding by web center line Correction range +/- 15 mm Accuracy +/- 0.10 mm

** SOLD **

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