ANDREOTTI PRINTOMAC NR35/1200 Rotogravure printing machine 6 colors ** SOLD ** Ask more informations about a similar one

Rotogravure printing machines (roto or gravure for short) perform a type of intaglio printing process, which involves engraving the image onto a cylinder which become the image carrier. Every printing job will require its dedicated set of engraved cylinders.

Machine Code RO138
Manufacturer ANDREOTTI
Model PRINTOMAC NR35/1200
Year 1986
Number of colors 6
Overhaul/renovation 2011 Renovation ( -Redesign and totally remaking of ventilation (exaust and fresh air) .Heating unit replacement .Three-way valve replacement . Dancing rollers control replacement .Power and control cabinets replacement .Control desk replacement .All control and power wires replacement.Print elements fans and main fan replacement .New L.E.L. Analyser .Add control encoder on main engine and axis engines.Register control replacement
Web width (mm) 1250
Print width (mm) 1200
Print repeat range (mm) 400-1000 mm
Drying specifications Thermal Oil
Unwinder type Shaftless
Max reel diameter unwinder (mm) 1000
Rewinder type Shaftless
Max reel diameter rewinder (mm) 1000
Videocamera Fife Video Imprint 2
Register control Gama REG G45 VLT
Corona treatment Ferrarini & Benelli GTS -8TLX IGBT
Additional information Venitlation recently replaced Controls recently renovated Web tension:4 – 40 Kg. ES1 / ES6:Reversible ES1 – ES5:Standard ES6:Extralong Cerutti Cone:D110 mm (11°20’) Speed:400 mt/min. Voltage:380 V – 50 Hz Web direction:from Left to Right UNWINDER :Max Weight:1000 Kg REWINDER: Max Weight: 1000 Kg ACCESSORIES Register Control:Gama REG G45 VLT Video Cameras:Fife Video Imprint 2 Corona Treatment:Ferrarini & Benelli GTS – 8 TLX IGBT L.E.L. Analyser:Nira Sagittarius 911-200 MATERIALS No extensible films:< 200 g Paper:< 200 g Alluminiun:> 15 µm High-density Polyethylene:> 25 µm Polypropylene :> 12 µm Polyester: > 12 µm

** SOLD **

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