OFEM ARENA GL 808-120 flexo press 9 colors

Flexo CI presses use a central drum which is common to all colours as counter impression roll.

Machine Code FL624
Manufacturer OFEM
Model ARENA GL 808-120
Year 2002
Number of colors 9
Print possibilities 8 + 1 downstream for coating UV and water based varnishes on the same side of the web and in register with the spots printed on the CI section.
Gearless Yes
Fast sleeve change Yes
4 motor per deck CNC position system Yes
Computer supervision Yes
Web width (mm) 1250
Print width (mm) 1200
Min print repeat (mm) 350
Max print repeat (mm) 800
Unwinder type Single axis
Max reel diameter unwinder (mm) 1300
Rewinder type Single axis
Max reel diameter rewinder (mm) 1300
Drying Hot air drying system. Thermic oil Heating source.
Videocamera video inspection system BST-Genius.Quick registering system at machine start up.
Web guides 1 before printing and 1 before rewinding
Inking system Enclosed doctor blade chambers with ceramic anilox rollers .8 ink pumps.
Anilox Anilox sleeves ceramic coated and laser engraved as following: 1 anilox engraved to HPF-W3-140 lines/cm., volume 11 g/m2; 2 anilox HPF1-120 lines/cm., vol.10,0 g/m2; 1 anilox HPF4-220 lines/cm., vol. 5,5 g/m2; 1 X 70 lines/cm., vol. 20,0 g/m2; 3 X 80 lines/cm., vol.16,0 g/m2 ; 1x 100 lines/cm., vol.16,5 g/m2; 2 X 100 lines/cm., vol.16,0 g/m2; 1 X 110 lines/cm., volume 13,0 g/m2; 2 X 120 lines/cm., vol.13,0 g/m2; 1 X 140 lines/cm., vol.11,0 g/m2; 1X 160 lines/cm., vol.9,0 g/m2; 5 X 180 lines/cm., vol.7,8 g/m2; 5 X 255 lines/cm., vol.5,0 g/m2 ; 2 X 300 lines/cm., vol. 4,2 g/m2.
Additional information Paper Registers motorized remote controlled Decks’ positioning system automatic with 4 motors per deck and job repeatability program Plate roller mandrels: 8 carbon fibre plate roller air mandrels diameter 108,342 mm. for the print section; 1 plate roller air mandrels diameter 89,243 mm. for the print section.9 print sleeves to choose among those on stock (only 9 as the rest will be kept by seller). 1 downstream printing unit (this unit is a geared type) for coating water based and UV varnish in register with the Central impression section (UV lamps offered apart).

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