COMEXI FL 2508 flexographic printing machine 8 colors ** SOLD ** Ask more informations about a similar one

Flexo printers CI (Central Impression) are especially suitable in markets which require process jobs and flexibility (involve productions of small lots). In particular, technological improvements of last 15 years have re-shaped CI flexo presses both in their mechanical construction and in its controls. This improved their printing quality, drastically reduced change over times and consequently downsized their "minimum economical lot".

Machine Code FL837
Manufacturer COMEXI
Model FL 2508
Year 2005
Number of colors 8
Gearless Yes
Fast sleeve change Yes
4 motor per deck CNC position system Yes
Computer supervision Yes
Web width (mm) 1500
Print width (mm) 1420
Min print repeat (mm) 450
Max print repeat (mm) 1250
Unwinder type Turret
Max reel diameter unwinder (mm) 1000
Rewinder type Turret
Max reel diameter rewinder (mm) 1000
Drying GAS
Videocamera Yes. Motorized video equipment, from BST (model SHS 2002) for impression viewing only.
Corona treatment no
Web guides Yes
Inking system Automatic ink feed system including:Pneumatic pump for ink feeding and pneumatic pump for ink suction on each deck.Automatic cleaning system for individual or simultaneous decks.Includes 3 tanks of 400 liter each for clean, dirty and semi dirty solvent.
Anilox 100L 16g 1 ;120L 15g 1;120L 12g 2;140L 12g 1;160L 12g 1;200L 7g 1;200L 10g 3;260L 5.5g 1;320L 3.5g 4;320L 5.5g 1 (Lines/cm) Volume (cm3/m2)
Print Sleeves 8x470,510,544,600,630,650,677,710,745,800,842,880,920,950,1005,1010,1022,1040,1100,1125 Lengh of repettition, considering 1.14mm plate and 0.55mm tape
Additional information Speed 365 m/min

** SOLD **

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