DAVIS STANDARD BELOIT BOBST Extrusion lamination machine ** SOLD ** Ask more informations about a similar one

A duplex laminator will join 2 layers of web, a triplex lamination machine will join 3 layers together in one pass. An extrusion coater will only coat a layer of polymer (typically PE) on a support.

Machine Code EC39
Overhaul/renovation Several in 2008-2015 see ad info section
Width (mm) 1550
Coating/lamination units 3
Coating/lamination unit 1 description Make Davis standard extrusion lamination unit 3 roller system, One extruder, screw diameter 4,5", motor 155 Kw. Die manual with external deckling. Position XYZ . Blenders Macguire. Chill roll diameter 800mm. Chill roller width 1700mm, Max lamination width 1550mm It is available as spare with machine an additional Cloren autometic extrusion die. This could be retrofitten on this extrusion coating unit. Such retrofits would require some additional parts to be quoted.
Coating/lamination unit 2 description Rotogravure coating unit used for primer
Coating/lamination unit 3 description - Make Davis standard extrusion coating unit year 1998 2 extruders co-extrusion - One extruder with screw 4,5" diam, L/D 28, motor 225 Kw, up to 500 Kg/h meltig capacity, 5 heating zones - Second extruder with screw 6" diam, L/D 28, motor 350Kw, up to 1100 Kg/h melting capacity 5 heating zones - Die width 1850mm, year 2014, die make Cloren with automatic thickness prifile control. Internal deckling with driven adjustment. - Position XYZ . -Blenders Macguire year 2006 -Chill roll diameter 800mm. - Chill roller width 1730mm - 3 roller system - Double nip system with possibility to coat on both sides of chill roller depending on product requirements - Feedblock cassettes for structures:ABA, AAB, BAA, AAA, BBB
Treatment 4 x Corona treatment Vetaphone E-Treater 16 KW
Primary unwinder description Turret unwind max diam 1500mm, Make Belloit, Ugraded and renovated
Secondary unwinder description Turret unwind max diam 1500mm, Make JILHA, year 1987. Ugraded and renovated
Rewinder description Turret and shaftless rewind max diam 1300mm, max core width 1700mm, Make BOBST-ROTOMEC, year 2015, can wind both contact or gap winding, Speed 600 m/min, flying splice 450m/min
Product structure / Materials Example of materials run on the line are: Substartes paper or board (on primary unwind) and aluminium (on secondary unwind). Example of structures it was a.primer/aluminium/mono ex/paper or b. paper/mono ex/aluminium/Coex. C. primer/aluminium/mono ex/film. Example of resins extruded: PE, EEA, Surlyn 1652, PP
Additional information UPGRADES AND OVERHAULS: -Winder new in year 2015 - Controls upgraded year 2008, currently machine is PLC SIEMENS S7, dirves renovated with ABB inverters, Siemens Sinamics inverters and Eurotherm digital DC drives, Siemens HMI -Mechaical overhauls -Cloren automati extrusion die year 2014 (recently cleaned) -Spare cloren die year 2008 -Thickness control Themorficher year 2014 with 2 readng heads -Dosing and material feeding system year 2006 FILM THICKNESS CONTROLL SYSTEM: - Make Thermofischer - Year 2014 - Double gauge (o 1 frame) Beta ray system and infra red. SPARE PARTS: Extensive ste of spares. Among which including also: - Automatic extrusion head Cloren with internal deckling - 3 x chill rollers (2 with mat finish, 1 with gloss finish) All with new finish - 4 new nip rollers for second ECL unit - banana roller - cooling roller - Other 4 new + 3 used rollers - 1x vetafone unit - pneumatic pipe’s roller for first ECL unit - contact woller (for winder) - set of new gears to change rpm ratios on extruder’s gearbox - 4x rotary joints - several new and used heaters for extruders - 2 new double fans for extruder’s cooling - sets of roller bearings (for calander) - second extrusion die’s feedblock cassettes for structures: ABA, AAB, BAA, AAA, BBB - several melt temperature and preassure gauges - several spares for die, including several spare thermo cylinders - new motors - 2 new Siemens Simoreg DC drives - Spares for carrige, e.g.: wheels, chain for pipes - Several new and used pnaumetic pistons used in different parts og the line (including ECL units and winders - several rollers

** SOLD **

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