Macchi is a leading manufacturer of blown film extrusion lines is based in Venegono inferior close to Varese.

They have been manufacturing both Cast and blown film lines but than decided to focus on their core activity of blown film.

Macchi offers wide range of blown extruders: monolayers, coextruder 3 layers, coextruder 5,7 and  9 layers. POD dedicated ines and lines dedicated for agricultural. Each of them available in many different options and specifications in order to serve different segments of film extrusion, from collation shrink film, lamination film, food packaging, barrier films, FFS industrial bags, to agricultural films. These blown film extrusion lines are also available in different versions to achieve different performance levels.

Macchi COEX FLEX 3 blown film lines: Today the three-layer co-extrusion solution is the work horse of the industry, as it allows to achieve a high output and a significant level of productivity and flexibility. Macchi’s Coex Flex 3 is available with all state of the art automations and controls and is offered in various versions depending on applications and output required, this ranges from 100Kg/h up to 1000Kg/h

Macchi COEX FLEX 5,7,9 blown film extrusion lines The growing requirements of the packaging industry have driven the development of barrier films, which requires structures including EVOH and PA as barrier layers. These structure may symmetrical or asymmetrical. Macchi range of systems for the barrier film industry spans from 5 to 9 layers, all fully engineered to be integrated production systems.

These multilayer films have also other application in flexible packaging films

Agrifilm lines: Blown film lines with sizes and design dedicated to Agricultural film lines.


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