3 capas BRUCKNER DT Linea de extrusion para bi-orientado ** VENDIDA ** Informaciones adicionales sobre una similar

Código Máquina BO33
Constructor BRUCKNER
Modelo DT
Año 1998
Numero de capas 3
Estructura film ABC
Material BOPP
Ancho (mm) 6200
Extruder 1 Description Melting extruder 180mm diameter. 1600 kg/h output. L/D 21 barrel lenght. Plain feeding zone. Drive 510 kw DC motor, cooled by fan.Speed max 290 rpm.
Extruder 2 Description Metering extruder 200mm diameter. L/D 20 barrel lenght. Air cooling by fan. 242 kw DC motor, cooled by fan. Speed max 100 rpm.
Extruder 3 Description 1 coextrusion 80mm; 1 satellite extruder output 105 kg/h ; L/D 32. Drive 62 kw DC motor cooled by fan. Speed max 100 rpm.
Descripción cabezal 7 heatting zones (die body 5, side plates 2) for electric heating. Flexible lips design .Gap between 1,7 and 3,5 mm. For automatic die gap adjustment, electrically heated die bolts are used. Die adaptor block to connect the die with melt pipes of main extruder and both satellite extruders. Automatic die lip adjustement.31 quick-acting bolts with push/pull operation.Air for bolt cooling. Die support frame.
Calandra de enfriamiento Double shell with spiral channels. 1400mm diameter. 1200mm width.
Descripción MDO CO 10/4-1/2/90 . 1100mm roll width through-out machine. 900 working width.1 stretching gap. Stretch ratio 1:1 , 1:7 . Roll speed : 6-70m/min slow section; 10-235m/min fast section. 20KN max stretch force. Adjustement of stretching gap up to 160mm ; Temperature control 60-160C .Film Threading System. Inlet Section. Preheating section consisting og 10 preheating rolls diam. 614mm each.
Descripción TDO 61 CO 12 EP/12/9/3/3/620/4.7 Feeding width range 650-800mm . Max stretch width 7,0 m; Exit width range 5,8 -6,4m
Unidad de arrastre EF/TGB A/CBT/T/620 . Roll face width 6,6m,
Ancho del Enrollador 6200mm
Descripción enrollador Turret winder with max mill roll diameter 1000mm. Contact roll support.
Cortadora Atlas
Informaciones adicionales Thichness range 15-50my.Mill roll diameter max 1000mm. Casting machine 140 WL 100 with chill roll/waterbath combination system.Width 1000mm. Production speed 2-70m/min. Pinning device .Water bath . Take-off and guide roller arrangement. Water removal from chill roll.Water removal from cast film. Cooling system. Chain/ Track system model FOK 4.7 . Edge tracker/Inlet. Inlet tracks incl. chain tensioner. Inlet roller assembly. Edge trim removal.Thickness gauge unit for BO-film . Thickness gauge for BO-Film.Electrostatic Eliminator.Edge pullers.Contact roll assembly. Automatic cross cutting device. Winder frame. Core chucking and drive.Core ejector.Hydraulic power unit,


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