Machine's Remote Visit

Remote visits are thought to adress needs of customers who are not in position or not willing to travel to inspect a machine they have interest in.

It is ment to allow customer to gather same informations of an on site visit and to provide a similar experience through medias.

How does it works:

Machine's Remote Visit
  • Let us know your requireemnt and application and we will send send you a selection of suitable machines
  • Otherwise please browse our listings online and enquire for offers
  • Feel free to ask us additional information you may require
  • Set a certain date and time with you and actual user
  • You will be required to cover a minor fee for the visit which will be paid from us to end user. This fee will be deduced in case you will purchase any machine from us
  • You will receive an invitation for webex platform, where you can join video-meeting in few clicks
  • Operator will be showing you machine running through a camera
  • You can directly ask operator any specific parts you would like to see
  • You may ask furtehr information on machine, measurements or specific tests if possible