1 strati CELLIER Line di estrusione per BOPP / BOPET

Codice Macchina BO32
Costruttore CELLIER
Anno 1990
Numero di strati 1
Rinnovo PLC and controlls renovated in 2007. Thickness control upgraded in year 2004
Materiali BOPET ; BOPETG ; shrinkable PET
Output 1100 kg/h. Mechanical speed 200m/min
Larghezza (mm) 4280
Extruder 1 Description 3 components dosing; silos for raw material drying, mixing and gravimetric dosing; Extruder screw diameter 150mm (L/D 30) ; cartdrige type screen; gear melt pump; Melt pipe; secondary creen (disc type); secondary pump
Descrizione testa Die Edida width 1475mm; 51 push-pull bolts ; with internal deckling system this allows to produce also thermo shrinkable PET
Larghezza testa 1475mm
Controllo di spessore Make measurex; 2 thickness scanners, first after chill roll, second on pull roll unit; year 2004
Descrizione MDO 6 pre heating reels; 2 stretching rollers; 2 cooling rollers
Descrizione TDO 10 zones: 2 preheating; 3 stretching; 2 heat setting; 2 annealing (240 C) 2 final cooling. sliding chain;
Trattamento Corona Softal
Unità pull roll Vacuum roll for web tensioncontrol
Larghezza avvolgitore 4300
Descrizione avvolgitore Max reel diam 1000mm; turret type
Taglia cordona Make Atlas ; 6 couple of arms + 2 arms of edges
Ulteriori informazioni Coating unit between MDO and TDO for chemical treatment of material; Between winder and slitter is installed an intermediary storage for 40 reels

Altri della stessa categoria:

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