HAN YONG KOREA Extrusion lamination Extrusion lamination machine

A duplex laminator will join 2 layers of web, a triplex lamination machine will join 3 layers together in one pass. An extrusion coater will only coat a layer of polymer (typically PE) on a support.

Machine Code EC32
Manufacturer HAN YONG KOREA
Model Extrusion lamination
Year 2008
Width (mm) 2200
Coating/lamination units 1
Coating/lamination unit 1 description Rotogravure coating unit: - 2 drying hoods 2,5m length - drying with 2 x oil heaters - Each hood with dedicated heater and blower
Coating/lamination unit 2 description Extrusion lamination unit - Volumetric doser - Extruder 90mm diameter - Extrusion die 2,2 m width with internal deckling for withs regulation 500mm on each side (tot 1000mm) - Chill roller 700mm diameter - Lamination nip
Treatment 2 corona treater
Primary unwinder description Turret Automatic; diameter min/max 1000mm
Secondary unwinder description single position for Alu foil; diameter min/max 1000mm
Rewinder description Turret Automatic; diameter min/max 1000mm
Speed 200
Additional information Can coat EVA, min and max micron Coating done - 7gsm to 25gsm

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Category: Converting machines

Subcategory: Extrusion lamination

Width (mm): 1100

Year: 2011

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