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Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) and Biaxially oriented polyester (BOPET) are commonly produced in tender-frame lines. In these lines material is melted through a flat extrusion die (T-die) and solidified onto a cooled roller. Material is then stretched in machine direction in an MDO. Thereafter material is stretched in transversal direction in a TDO. These processes deliver a molecule orientation in both axes, this enhances many of their properties, particularly the mechanical, impact, barrier and optical properties.

Machine Code BO34
Manufacturer CELLIER
Year 1988
Overhaul/renovation Upgrades with new PLC System .1. Upgrade winder control unit in Jun 2000 , LG Brand programmable logic controller model GLOFA GM3/4 Series. DC drive is digital. 2. Included pull roll( cooling roll) modified at year 2000, such as 4200x300 mm. and AC motor 3.7 KW, inverter controller
Material BOPP
Width (mm) 4200
Extruder 1 Description 1 MAIN EXTRUDER DAVIS STANDARD. Screw diam 170mm
Extruder 2 Description 2 SATELLITE EXTRUDERS Screw DIam 70mm
Head description EXTRUSION DIES brand, Chippewa Falls, WI U.S.A - No. of Bolts = 19 SET,1 Phase, 240Vac, 200W/SET - It is a manual operated . DIE Type = PERF. METAL 3”, Widex50”LG ALUM. CHANNELS 7/8”x2.1/4”x50”LG ALUM. ANGLE (saw cut)1”x3”x3.1/4”LG
Thickness controll system Thickness gauge system, make & model. - Web gauge is YOKOKAWA brand, Model WG8PC2 installed in1994. - Air Knife system.
MDO description MDO pump flow rate = 600L/Hr (hot oil.). - Temperature = 130 c ,at Stretching = 4150 mm. - Number of MD rolls: 14 rolls totally that devide to 4 heating zone X - 2 rolls each, 2 stretching zone 2 olls each and 1 stabilize zone with 2 rolls
TDO description No of Chain clip . Both sides approx. 1042. Chain clip is 521 set (left section). Chain clip is 521 set (right section). Bearing in each clips. No Bearing, Overhauled 3 years ago. Good condition. - Latest overhauled at 4/11/2003 years such as clip - TDO: Devide to 8 zones with 2.79 m long per each zone . .Returning of chain from out side of the TDO or inside the oven. Sliding see tech. 4.1.2 - inside the oven. Chain is capable for thickness from - 12 to 40 micron. Min. and maximum stretching width of the chain. - Min = 4000 mm. - Max = 4200 mm. Make of TDO chain. - Cellier, France.
Corona treatment Corona treater make, and condition - Sherman Treater 25 KV(maximum)
Pull roll unit No. pull roll at out of TDO - It is a 1 pull rolls stand (roller at 2 set ) DC motor 16.2 KW = 1 set
Rewinder description Cellier, France. - Winder motor DC, 6KW x 2(core A, core B) = 1 set Winder PLC, LG Brand programmable logic controller model GLOFA GM3/4 Series. DC drive is digital. Trim conveying system, make, model and capacity. -Cellier, France. Inline system.Inline recycle system. - AC Grinder+Cutter 8.5 KW = 1 set
Slitter Atlas 4200mm.Primary slitter is Atlas. Made in England. - Paper core 3 inch and 6 inch. - Min width cutting 350 mm. - Max width cutting 2000 mm. - Max cutting 9 Roll / Set. - Rewinding roll diameter max = 1025 mm.
Additional information Heating capacity and heaters type. - hot oil type .Mode of heating. - PID controller. ELECTRICAL PANEL AND DC DRIVE. 1. DC drive and PLC make, model. - PLC line BOPP, Telemecanique Brand, Electrical panel MCC and PCC included in this scope. - Heating oil, temp, heat load of each equipment. At width 4150 mm. thickness 20 micron. - Main Extruder= screw barrel heater 5 ZONE = adaptor heater 1 ZONE = filter heater 1 ZONE = melt pipe heater 3 ZONE - Satellite Extruder 1 = screw barrel heater 4 ZONE = filter heater 2 ZONE = melt pipe heater 3 ZONE = filter heater 1 ZONE = melt 1 ZONE - Satellite Extruder 2 = screw barrel 4 ZONE = filter 2 ZONE = melt pipe 3 ZONE = melt filter 1 ZONE = melt 1 ZONE - DIE = Heater 5 ZONE - MDO =Hot oil 7 ZONE - TDO =Electrical heater 8 ZONE Thickness range 12 micron - 40 micron, Final jumbo width at 4200 mm. The design capacity of plant at 20 micron basis. - The plant capacity at 20 micron basis is 10.8 tons / day.

** SOLD **

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