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Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) and Biaxially oriented polyester (BOPET) are commonly produced in tender-frame lines. In these lines material is melted through a flat extrusion die (T-die) and solidified onto a cooled roller. Material is then stretched in machine direction in an MDO. Thereafter material is stretched in transversal direction in a TDO. These processes deliver a molecule orientation in both axes, this enhances many of their properties, particularly the mechanical, impact, barrier and optical properties.

Machine Code BO27
Year 1989
Number of layers 1
Material BOPET
Output 600kg/h
Width (mm) 4200
Extruder 1 Description Davis Standard type DSPA model 54-IN-45T . Diameter 114.. (4,1/2 inch ). Capacity 600kg/h. Power 92kw to 1450 rpm. 1 filter brand BEMATEC .
Head description Autoflex IV-H-75
MDO description Speed max : 150m/min (mechanical) ; MDO1=16 kw at 1850 RPM (motor) MDO1 =42.5 kw at 1925 RPM (motor)
TDO description Speed max : 150 m/min (mechanical) ; Motor =65 kw at 1700 RPM
Pull roll unit Speed max : 150 m/min (mechanical) Motor 5.3 kw at 1760 RPM (new 16.2 Kw at 2730 RPM )
Rewinder description Speed max 150m/min . Motor 6.5 kw at 1026 RPM. Die core 310 mm . Die core max 800mm.
Slitter Model Atlas
Additional information Complete with Atlas Slitter. Melt line : pressure 280 bars, thermal fluid pressure of 6 bars, temperature 300 C . Melt pump : maxim. alarm pressure of 350 bars. Brand LAMY FEINPRUF type 255. Pressure on suction sude 30-100 bars ; Pressure output side 250 bars. Operation 24h/24. Motor power 10kw to 1425 rpm.Rotating direction right. Main filter 280 bars.Temperature 300C.Max. number of discs 50. Hot boiler brand BABCOCK . Gear box trade mark FLENDER. Pump frame.

** SOLD **

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