TECNOVA + others Bi-oriented extrusion line

Material is stretched in machine in a transversal direction simultaneously. This processe delivers a molecule orientation in both axes, and this enhances many of their properties.

Machine Code TB5
Manufacturer TECNOVA + others
Year 2006
Number of layers 3
Film structure ABA, AB
Output 104 kg/h
Film width (mm) 1780
Extruders 1X 90/33 + 1X 60/30
Head Cilindrical
Rewinder double; max roll diameter 600mm + trim cutting and winding
Additional information Line speed max 45 m/min 1 calibrator - 5000 L compressed air tank - Perforator (Dusenbery) - Slitter (Dusenbery) - Totally new stations not installed for each line - Spare parts as: Brush Rolls, needle rings, etc - Folding machine (Comet)

Others in the same category:

37286 - SOTEN


Category: Film extrusion lines

Subcategory: Double and Triple Bubble line

Film width (mm): 1800

Year: 1998

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