ANDREOTTI ROTOSTAR 35 Rotogravure press 8 colors

Gravure presses are used to print on different supports: plastic films, paper and aluminium foil.

Machine Code RO111
Manufacturer ANDREOTTI
Year 1989
Number of colors 8
Trolley system Yes
Web width (mm) 1130
Print width (mm) 1100
Print repeat range (mm) 400-1000 mm
Drying heat surce Gas complete with 2 gas burners Imeco
Unwinder type Automatic
Max reel diameter unwinder (mm) 800
Rewinder type Automatic
Max reel diameter rewinder (mm) 800
Videocamera Fife
Register control Grafikontrol CR7
Vyscosity control 8 Viscometers model COVISTAT/F “GRAFIKONTROL”
Print cylinders 800 cylinders
Additional information Suitable to print the following materials:non extensible films, paper, thin cardboard, different laminated materials with max grammage 200 gr/sqm, raw aluminum starting from 15 micron, high density polyethylene starting from 25 micron,polypropylene starting from 15 micron, polyester starting from 12 micron, cellophane from 28 to 30 gr/sqm,flexible PVC. Complete with sleeves.Max mechanical speed 750rpm; Inks, lacquers and solvents; Electric power supply 380 V/50 HZ ; services power supply 110 V/50 HZ; installed electric power Kw 330 approx; absorbed electric power Kw 190 approx ; Automatic unwinding mod. “B.O./1400”, pre-conditioner of the band;chilled rolls positioned after pre-conditioner; Band feeding group with constant tension (infeeder) mod. “GTR/1400”, placed on inlet of first printing element; No. 8 printing elements mod “PRINTOMATIC NR 35/S 1400”, anti-explosion, used in the printing zone under CEI rules, suitable for reversed print; Band feeding group with constant tension (outfeeder) mod. “GTR/1400”, placed on exit of last printing element; No. 1 tunnel with ventilation on two sides length 3 m special type (for low tension supports), for final deodorizing of the support; air capacity 10.000 m3/; max temperature 120°C; No. 2 chilled rolls placed before the re-winding phase;Arrangement for the application of stroboscope ;No. 1 rewinder mod.”BO/1400”, which allows the automatic reels changing at the machine production speed) ; Supporting structure; D.C. motor and drive with controlled diodes with incorporated switchboard to control the plant; Electric cabinets for auxiliary services; No. 2 fixed ladders and footboard. No. 1 platform in which all LED, switches and push-buttons for main machine drive are placed; No. 3 trolleys to carry printing cylinders and pressure rolls;Stroboscope FIFE HLD 500 (with rotating mirrors);Anti-explosion device

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