UTECO EMERALD 825 Model 100 flexo printing machine 8 colors ** SOLD ** Ask more informations about a similar one

Flexo presses are used to print on different supports: plastic films, paper and aluminium foil.

Machine Code FL631
Manufacturer UTECO
Model EMERALD 825 Model 100
Year 1999
Number of colors 8
Gearless No
Fast sleeve change Yes
Web width (mm) 1050
Print width (mm) 1000
Max reel diameter unwinder (mm) 800
Rewinder type Automatic turret
Drying 2 gas burners
Videocamera Yes
Corona treatment No
Web guides Edge guide Unwind BST rewind Fife
Inking system Electric pumps
Anilox 10 ceramic anilox as follows:2x180, 1x250,3x300,1x350x14; 2x400;1x450x12
Print Sleeves 8x 300,350,360,370,380,420,440,450,460,470,500,520,540,580; 7x310; 14x320; 22x330;24x340;6x410mm
Additional information Gear pitch 5 mm. Centre knife inline slitting .Cylinders hoists .Number and sizes airshafts 4 to take 76mm ID cores + 1 bar with two cones .Materials thickness LDPE 25-100my PP 20-60my .Speed 300mts/min Gears as follows: 15x300;8x310;14x320;17x330;33x340;25x350;10x360;9x370;6x390;4x420;8x430,450,460,470,500; 9x520,540; 16x580mm Spare parts list available: 1 x Main exhaust fans soft starter drive 1 x Tekel encoder for positioning motors 1 x Low recalculating air pressure switch 1 x Eurotherm Main drive board 1 x Everdrive I/O card (10-MPP14) 1 x Everdrive buss ribbon cable 1 x Stepper motor for registers 1 x Anilox clutch 2 x Anilox drive gear 1 x Unwinder airshaft guide collar 1 x Positioning motor plug and cable 4 x Everdrive 19 x Plate mandrel shaft keys 1 x Anilox side guard 2 x positioning drive turning handle (1 adapted) 4 x Side-lay drive belt 4 x Longitudinal drive belt 1 x Rewinder spindle drive belt 1 x Tunnel drive belt

** SOLD **

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