UTECO EMERALD 825 Model 100 flexo printing machine 8 colors ** SOLD ** Ask more informations about a similar one

Flexo printers CI (Central Impression) are especially suitable in markets which require process jobs and flexibility (involve productions of small lots). In particular, technological improvements of last 15 years have re-shaped CI flexo presses both in their mechanical construction and in its controls. This improved their printing quality, drastically reduced change over times and consequently downsized their "minimum economical lot".

Machine Code FL631
Manufacturer UTECO
Model EMERALD 825 Model 100
Year 1999
Number of colors 8
Gearless No
Fast sleeve change Yes
Web width (mm) 1050
Print width (mm) 1000
Max reel diameter unwinder (mm) 800
Rewinder type Automatic turret
Drying 2 gas burners
Videocamera Yes
Corona treatment No
Web guides Edge guide Unwind BST rewind Fife
Inking system Electric pumps
Anilox 10 ceramic anilox as follows:2x180, 1x250,3x300,1x350x14; 2x400;1x450x12
Print Sleeves 8x 300,350,360,370,380,420,440,450,460,470,500,520,540,580; 7x310; 14x320; 22x330;24x340;6x410mm
Additional information Gear pitch 5 mm. Centre knife inline slitting .Cylinders hoists .Number and sizes airshafts 4 to take 76mm ID cores + 1 bar with two cones .Materials thickness LDPE 25-100my PP 20-60my .Speed 300mts/min Gears as follows: 15x300;8x310;14x320;17x330;33x340;25x350;10x360;9x370;6x390;4x420;8x430,450,460,470,500; 9x520,540; 16x580mm Spare parts list available: 1 x Main exhaust fans soft starter drive 1 x Tekel encoder for positioning motors 1 x Low recalculating air pressure switch 1 x Eurotherm Main drive board 1 x Everdrive I/O card (10-MPP14) 1 x Everdrive buss ribbon cable 1 x Stepper motor for registers 1 x Anilox clutch 2 x Anilox drive gear 1 x Unwinder airshaft guide collar 1 x Positioning motor plug and cable 4 x Everdrive 19 x Plate mandrel shaft keys 1 x Anilox side guard 2 x positioning drive turning handle (1 adapted) 4 x Side-lay drive belt 4 x Longitudinal drive belt 1 x Rewinder spindle drive belt 1 x Tunnel drive belt

** SOLD **

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