UTECO ONYX 876 (GEARLESS) flexo press 8 colors ** SOLD ** Ask more informations about a similar one

Flexo CI presses use a central drum which is common to all colours as counter impression roll.

Machine Code FL622
Manufacturer UTECO
Year 2005
Number of colors 8
Gearless Yes
Fast sleeve change Yes
4 motor per deck CNC position system Yes
Computer supervision Yes
Web width (mm) 1050
Print width (mm) 1000
Min print repeat (mm) 290
Max print repeat (mm) 760
Unwinder type TA-U
Max reel diameter unwinder (mm) 800
Rewinder type Turret automaticTA-R
Max reel diameter rewinder (mm) 800
Drying 2 gas burners. 6m lenght of the drying tunnel. 2 hot air recirculation system.
Videocamera BST type Premius Digital
Web guides BST
Vyscosity control Yes
Washing system Yes
Inking system Solvent based . 8 closed chamber doctor blade . 8 ink tray . 8 ink return system. 8 ink pumps
Anilox 25 anilox sleeves as follows 3 x 100 l/cm –V14; 2x120 l/cm –V12; 1x140 l/cm –V15; 2x160 l/cm –V10;4x200 l/cm –V10;3x280 l/cm –V8,51;3x300 l/cm –V7,5;6x340 l/cm –V5,5
Print Sleeves 29 sets of printing sleeves ,8 sleeves each as follows: Rotec 300 , 310,315,320,330,340,350,355,360,370,380,390,400,410,420,430,440,470,480,500,520,540,560 White : 325,450 ; Red 385,460 ; Twinlock 550mm ; Biale 570mm
Additional information Speed : up to 365m/min . Minimum 30m/min. Materials: PP 20-50my . Polyester 12-25my; OPP 20-55 my; BOPP 17my.Paper 40-80 gr2 . LDPE 25 -120my Tension range: 2-28 kg Plate thickness 1.14mm + 0,55 mm = 1.69 mm overall Pneumatic dancing rollers Arir expansion shaft , internal diam 76mm (2 pieces). Air expansion shaft , internal diam 152mm (2 pieces) Moorized longitudinal and side registers system remote controlled Automatic roll loading and unloading system at unwinder and rewinder Web infeed section Infeed tensioner section, type CA 012 Central Drum Hastalloy coated Central thermoregulation and cooling system Four motor print deck positioning with CNC control and final print position setting Motorized longitudinal and side register Automatic pre-register system Support roller of carbon fibre (diam 86.060mm) of the printing sleeve . Reinforced insert of a plate sleeve. 8 support roller of anilox sleeves. 8 Splash guards 1 spare closed chamber doctor blade . 1 spare ink pump Web outfeed section

** SOLD **

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