OFEM JULIETTE flexographic printing machine 6 colors

Flexo printers CI (Central Impression) are especially suitable in markets which require process jobs and flexibility (involve productions of small lots). In particular, technological improvements of last 15 years have re-shaped CI flexo presses both in their mechanical construction and in its controls. This improved their printing quality, drastically reduced change over times and consequently downsized their "minimum economical lot".

Machine Code FL071
Manufacturer OFEM
Year 2000
Number of colors 6
Print possibilities 6+0
Gearless No
Fast sleeve change Yes
4 motor per deck CNC position system No
Computer supervision Yes
Web width (mm) 650
Print width (mm) 600
Min print repeat (mm) 250
Max print repeat (mm) 650
Unwinder type Single position
Max reel diameter unwinder (mm) 1250
Rewinder type Single position
Max reel diameter rewinder (mm) 1250
Drying 2 zones 4 fans - Gas burner
Videocamera yes BST Super Handy Scan
Inking system Enclosed doctor blade chambers with ceramic anilox rollers
Anilox Anilox as follows: 6 x 180L x g. 7,5 2 x 150L x g. 8,2 3 x 110L x g. 13 2 x 80L x g. 16 1 x 60L x g. 20.8 2 x 140L x g. 9.5 / 10 2 x 255 x g 5/5.5
Print Sleeves Printing sleeves brand EVERGREEN with gears as follows: 12x25cm,12x26, 12x27, 12x28, 12x29, 24x30, 18x31, 18x32, 18x33, 18x34, 12x35, 12x36, 18x37, 12x38, 12x39, 12x40, 12x44, 12x45, 12x48 cm. plus 6 carriers. Sleeves for full solid printing, range 507 mm 2x300, range 647mm 1x300, range 647mm 1x370, range 345 mm 1x350mm.
Print cylinders Plate cylinder gears: 8x25cm, 8x26cm, 8x27cm, 8x28cm, 6x29cm, 6x30cm, 6x31cm, 6x32cm, 6x33cm, 6x34cm, 6x35cm, 6x36cm, 6x37cm, 6x38cm, 6x39cm, 6x40cm, 6x44cm, 6x45cm, 6x48cm
Additional information Material: paper 40 - 140 gsm Type of inks: flexographic water based, converted to use of solvent based as well Turner bars system 6+6 recently installed

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